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Accounting and Auditing Malpractice

Goodin MacBrideā€™s litigation team of attorneys offers considerable experience handling accounting and auditing malpractice cases against prominent accounting firms, based on both classic theories of negligence and fraud, and developing theories such as "deepening insolvency."

Goodin MacBride attorneys:
  • Represent an individual investor against a Big Four accounting firm, claiming fraud based on its promotion and sale of fraudulent tax shelters.
  • Prevailed in auditing malpractice litigation on behalf of a liquidating debtor against one of the Big Four accounting firms for issuing an unqualified annual audit report of a software company that went bankrupt three months after the report was issued.
  • Successfully represented the bankruptcy estate of an international construction company by bringing audit malpractice claims against a Big Four accounting firm, breach of fiduciary duty against former officers, and declaratory relief with respect to insurance proceeds.
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