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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Goodin MacBride attorneys regularly represent plaintiffs and defendants in breach of fiduciary duty claims involving former partners, former employees, and others engaged in "relationships of higher trust."

Goodin MacBride attorneys:
  • Represent a national class of plaintiffs against a brokerage firm for breach of fiduciary duty claims arising out of undisclosed kickbacks from mutual fund companies. Previously settled a similar class action for $127 million against another brokerage house arising out of the broker’s recommendation of "preferred funds" to customers while secretly receiving kickbacks.
  • Represented the founder and president of a software company in litigation against a co-founder for looting the company, diverting corporate assets, and breaching his fiduciary duties.
  • Represented a Central Valley farmer duped by his partners in a fraudulent, multi-million dollar real estate deal.
  • Represented former officers and directors of a dissolved corporation against state and federal securities claims made by a disgruntled investor and former director.
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