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Class Actions

Class actions have become a common part of the American justice system. Goodin MacBride attorneys have substantial experience in this area, successfully handling state and national class actions for both plaintiffs and defendants, and navigating the daunting procedures and logistics endemic to these cases.

Goodin MacBride attorneys:
  • Represent a national class against an Internet hotel reservation company for assessing bogus "tax/fees" charges to consumers.
  • Represent a national class of plaintiffs against a brokerage firm for claims arising out of undisclosed kickbacks from mutual fund companies.
  • Settled a similar class action for $127 million against another brokerage house arising out of the broker’s recommendation of "preferred" funds to customers while secretly receiving kickbacks.
  • Defended an outside director of a corporation in a class action brought by shareholders alleging that the board artificially inflated the value of its securities.
  • Defended a major computer manufacturer in a national class action alleging unfair business practices arising out of design flaws.
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