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Goodin MacBride attorneys:
  • Represent a shareholder in a medical device company in breach of contract and fraud case against company’s acquirer. The claim arises out of acquirer’s refusal to take steps necessary to meet marketing milestones in the contract, resulting in damages of over $175 million.
  • Represented plaintiff in a breach of contract case against semiconductor manufacturer arising out of a $7 million contract for refurbishment of equipment used to manufacture semiconductors. Negotiated confidential settlement.
  • Represented telecommunications reseller in breach of contract action against its former billing services provider for failure to remit true-up payments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars from local telephone companies. Obtained award for full amount of claim, plus prejudgment interest, following arbitration.
  • Represented former officers and directors of a dissolved corporation against state and federal securities claims made by a disgruntled investor and former director.
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