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White Collar Defense

Today’s heightened government oversight and regulatory scrutiny bring an increased threat of administrative and criminal investigations and enforcement actions, with potentially devastating consequences. With its experience and resources, including a former Assistant United States Attorney, Goodin MacBride attorneys provide effective counsel and a vigorous defense.

Goodin MacBride attorneys:
  • Successfully defended a chief financial officer of a construction firm charged with mail fraud arising out of government contracts for work performed at transportation facilities. The charges were eventually dismissed.
  • Provided representation and counsel to a former employee of a company being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for mail fraud and bid rigging in transactions involving a school district. The client was not charged.
  • Represented a member of a board of directors and audit committee of a software company where major financial fraud had been uncovered. A federal criminal investigation led to a dozen indictments and over a dozen civil lawsuits, but Goodin MacBride lawyers guided their client through the civil and criminal matters with no criminal charges being brought against him. The civil matter was resolved on favorable terms.
  • Represented the owner of a residential care facility for the elderly in related criminal, civil and administrative proceedings.