Represented Trustee of Estate of Melvin Belli in claims seeking payment of share of $1.25 billion fee awarded to consortium of lawyers litigating against tobacco companies.

Represented whistleblower in breach of contract and False Claims Act case against international aggregates company arising out of scheme to underpay royalties owed to State of California for dredging of sand from San Francisco Bay. Following intervention by State of California, a month-long contract interpretation phase of trial completed with ruling in favor of plaintiffs by Contra Costa County Superior Court complex litigation judge.

Case settled for $42.2 million. Our client received the second largest payout ever made under the California False Claims Act.

Represented various governmental customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power in claims against LADWP arising out of charges to this class of customers in excess of their proportionate share of the capital costs of service, in violation of Government Code section 54999 et seq. Obtained judgment after trial for $225 million.

Represented bankruptcy estate of construction company. Pursued claims for audit malpractice against former auditor of the publicly-traded company, breach of fiduciary duties against former officers, and declaratory relief with respect to insurance proceeds against officers and other creditors of the bankruptcy estate. Settled claims with former officers, and then with creditor claimants to insurance proceeds, in two-step mediation. Proceeded to federal court jury trial against former auditor, settling litigation after first week of trial (amount confidential).

Represented plaintiff class of customers in action against one of the largest brokerage businesses in the country seeking damages of over $250 million plus interest for claims of breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment arising out of receipt of revenue sharing payments. Settled following class certification.