Goodin MacBride Client Wild Goose Storage succeeds in Obtaining Approval for its Second Major Expansion

Goodin MacBride has represented the Wild Goose Storage project since its inception and helped obtain its original certificate of public convenience and necessity from the California Public Utilities Commission in 1997. Wild Goose operates its storage field in Butte County, California, and stores gas for major industrial and electric generation customers, as well as gas marketers. On December 2, 2010, the CPUC granted Wild Goose authority to construct a second major expansion of the project, which will increase its overall inventory capacity to 50 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and increase its maximum withdrawal capacity to over 1 billion cubic feet per day.

Goodin MacBride partners Michael Day and Jeanne Armstrong represented Wild Goose throughout the proceeding, including the environmental review of the project under CEQA. Goodin MacBride succeeded in convincing the CPUC to prepare a Supplement to the Environmental Impact Report prepared for the first Wild Goose expansion in 2002, which streamlined the environmental process compared to a new full scale EIR. This expansion will make Wild Goose the largest independent gas storage provider in California.

Goodin MacBride has a unique reputation in the natural gas storage industry. Goodin MacBride partner Michael Day played a major role in the passage of legislation in California and the issuance of a CPUC policy decision that created the framework for an independent gas storage market in the state. These policies allow independent gas storage providers to freely invest in gas storage projects in California at their own risk, without cost of service regulation, and to charge market based rates for storage service.

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