John Clark Helps to Power up Everyday Energy

The Goodin MacBride partner John Clark has provided key guidance and assistance to solar energy integrator Everyday Energy. The newly-founded start-up specializes in photovoltaic solar and energy efficiency projects for non-profit, government, commercial and residential applications. It recently completed the first two projects in the San Diego area under the California Solar Initiative’s Multi-Family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program.

Everyday Energy plans to start construction of 14 more projects under the MASH and CSI New Solar Homes Partnership programs, bringing solar power to 1,330 more homes in the area. The company attributes its rapid success in large part to its Solar Service Agreement (SSA), developed by Mr. Clark. This provides an understandable, fair, flexible and robust framework for quickly identifying and coming to agreement on key business issues with minimal further legal review.

The SSA helps ensure that MASH funding, federal tax grants and credits, and funds from similar programs will be available to minimize the cost of bringing solar energy to the affordable housing community.

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