Submetering and Commercial Buildings

Our regulatory attorneys have assisted a number of clients in efforts to promote the use of energy submeters in commercial and residential buildings in California. In a number of proceedings involving California’s largest energy utilities, our lawyers assisted Building Owners and Managers of California Inc. (“BOMA”) to change CPUC rules to permit the owners of commercial buildings to submeter energy usage to each tenant thereby promoting the efficient usage of gas and electricity. Commission President Michael R. Peevey described the settlement entered into by BOMA and the other parties in a proceeding involving Pacific Gas & Electric Company as “a win for the California environment.”

Earlier, our attorneys represented the National Submetering and Utility Allocation Association in successful efforts to narrow decades old restrictions on submetering in residential buildings. As was the case with the commercial buildings, expanded submetering provided the economic signal to tenants to promote energy conservation.

Decision 07-09-004 September 6, 2007
Before the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California

Application of Pacific Gas and Electric Company To Revise Its Electric Marginal Costs, Revenue Allocation, and Rate Design. (U 39 M)
Application 06-03-005(Filed March 2, 2006)
From Decision Summary

…We also adopt the commercial building master meter settlement agreement with the condition that PG&E and building owners provide tenants with information concerning rates and their consumer rights and that PG&E and the Building Owners and Managers Associations provide certain information on their experience with commercial building master metering in PG&E’s next GRC.