Represented telecommunications reseller in breach of contract action against its former billing services provider for failure to remit true-up payments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars from local telephone companies. Obtained award for full amount of claim, plus prejudgment interest, following binding arbitration by JAMS.

Represented whistleblower in breach of contract and False Claims Act case against international aggregates company arising out of scheme to underpay royalties owed to State of California for dredging of sand from San Francisco Bay. Following intervention by State of California, a month-long contract interpretation phase of trial completed with ruling in favor of plaintiffs by Contra Costa County Superior Court complex litigation judge.

Case settled for $42.2 million. Our client received the second largest payout ever made under the California False Claims Act.

Represented wine exporter in breach of contract and conversion case against Napa Valley winemaker. Obtained writ of possession in Napa County Superior Court, followed by binding arbitration award, including punitive damages and attorney fees and costs, in JAMS arbitration proceeding before Hon. Robert B. Yonts, Jr. (Ret.).