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The State of California’s Renewable Energy Policy mandates that the state’s major investor owned utilities procure twenty percent of their energy from renewable resources by 2010. This has raised the focus on renewable energy to an all-time high.

Solar energy is poised to play a large part in the state meeting its renewables goal. At the legislative and commission level, California is advancing several programs designed to jumpstart the solar industry.

Attorneys at Goodin MacBride have been representing the interests of solar photovoltaic manufacturers, integrators, installers and financiers for several years, and have been instrumental in shaping, in a manner favorable to the industry, various programs, tariffs, and policies aimed at expanding and providing incentives to the industry. The firm’s partners have also represented the solar industry in proceedings to create innovative programs to install utility scale solar photovoltaic systems on vacant commercial rooftops. Goodin MacBride attorneys helped achieve an unprecedented level of state support for this program, which is expected to dramatically “kick start” solar rooftop development throughout California.

California regulatory law | Climate Change Photovoltaic Solar | attorneys, lawyersCalifornia regulatory law | Climate Change Photovoltaic Solar | attorneys, lawyers