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The California Energy Commission (CEC) is responsible for formulating California energy policy, forecasting energy resource requirements, and analyzing options for meeting those needs. It has licensing authority over thermal power plants with a capacity of 50 megawatts or larger and associated transmission lines. It administers various renewables incentives programs, and carries out other activities relating to the establishment and promotion of efficient and sustainable energy production and use.

Working in conjunction with the California Public Utilities Commission, the CEC is charged with implementing California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard program, which calls for substantial increases in the role renewables play in meeting the retail energy load. The CEC is responsible for two key aspects of that program: certifying eligibility of renewable resources under the program, and establishing mechanisms to verify that claimed credits for use of renewables are accurate.

Goodin MacBride has considerable experience with CEC decision-making processes and can provide substantial assistance to clients in planning and achieving their objectives in proceedings at the CEC.

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