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The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state and local government agencies to identify and take into consideration all potential environmental impacts before undertaking or approving permits for projects under their jurisdiction. The scope of impacts that must be considered is broad, including effects on historic, archaeological, and visual resources, as well as impacts on land, water, air, ambient noise levels, flora, fauna, minerals, and other resources.

Goodin MacBride is very experienced in guiding and representing stakeholders - project proponents, affected landowners, municipalities, and members of the general public in matters involving compliance with CEQA. These include siting of electric transmission lines, telecommunications tower and antenna installations, and construction of other above-ground and below-ground energy and telecommunications facilities on private and public land.

California regulatory law | Energy | Regulatory Agencies | CEQA | attorneys, lawyersCalifornia regulatory law | Energy | Regulatory Agencies | CEQA | attorneys, lawyers