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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has regulatory jurisdiction over all privately-owned energy public utilities, and limited authority over certain other energy market participants, such as non-utility energy service providers (ESPs) and aggregators. The degree of control and influence the CPUC exercises or can exercise with respect to energy matters makes it the principal energy policy-implementing agency in the state. The CPUC’s decisions, orders, and regulations have substantial impacts on energy utilities, independent producers and marketers, energy customers, and the state economy as a whole. This makes it imperative for stakeholders to have effective representation in CPUC proceedings affecting their interests.

Goodin MacBride is one of the preeminent law firms representing parties before the CPUC. Many of the firm’s partners have held senior positions at the CPUC in the past, and the firm has developed a unique working relationship with the Commissioners and staff at this important agency. Our experience and expertise extends to traditional energy ratemaking, gas and oil pipeline regulation, transmission line and other energy facility siting, independent power development and interconnection, renewables procurement, independent supply/direct access, demand-side efficiency programs, retail and wholesale energy sales agreements, line extensions, safety regulation, and virtually every other facet of energy regulation - both from the perspective of regulated utilities and of entities that interact and conduct business with utilities. These include commercial and industrial consumers, independent power producers, ESPs, municipalities, and other stakeholders.