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Interstate natural gas pipelines are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the federal level, and not by state commissions. Yet their representation in front of state agencies, such as the California Public Utilities Commission, is critical to ensure that state policy and/or individual state utility tariffs are not structured in a manner that impedes competition between the interstate pipes and the in-state pipeline systems. In addition, of critical importance to the interstate pipes is assurance that California has sufficient infrastructure to receive their gas, which might otherwise be effectively blocked at the border.

Attorneys at Goodin MacBride have represented several major interstate pipelines in their efforts to secure effective state policies for ensuring entry of their gas into the state and allowing gas on gas competition to occur within California, unimpeded by anti-competitive rate structures of instate utilities.

California regulatory law | Energy | Natural Gas | Pipelines | attorneys, lawyersCalifornia regulatory law | Energy | Natural Gas | Pipelines | attorneys, lawyers