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The California Public Utilities Commission is vested with broad regulatory authority over companies that own natural gas facilities for profit in California. This jurisdiction covers, among others, natural gas producers, transporters, and storage providers. It pertains to numerous areas of operation, including certification to provide service, rate regulation, terms and conditions of service, sales of assets, and issuance of debt.

Over the years, attorneys at Goodin MacBride have represented, and continue to represent, the various types of companies which fall under the Commission’s natural gas jurisdiction, including pipelines, utilities, gas producers and independent gas storage providers. Our attorneys also represent a wide variety of natural gas customers, including industrial, municipal and electric generation clients. Several of our partners have had extensive experience representing both state agencies and private clients in natural gas issues throughout the evolution of the deregulated natural gas market over the last 25 years. Goodin MacBride lawyers have the experience and the capability to achieve whatever requisite Commission approval is needed for the furtherance of each client's goals.

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