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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is vested with broad regulatory authority over companies that provide transportation of passengers or household goods. It strictly enforces the licensing requirements applicable to these companies to ensure that all privately owned ("non-public") providers of transportation of passengers and household goods obtain the correct operating authority from the CPUC. Failure to hold the required certificate or permit can result in fines and, in most cases, will result in an order from the CPUC or local law enforcement officials to cease operations immediately. The CPUC also investigates allegations of consumer fraud by the companies, and has the power to order refunds, impose fines or revoke licenses in California.

Goodin MacBride attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining the requisite CPUC authority, or obtaining the required CPUC approval for the sale of such a transportation provider (whether stock or assets), or the merger of one company with another. Our lawyers have also represented transportation providers seeking to navigate the complex set of rules related to the use of independent contractors in lieu of employees, as well as insurance documentation.

California regulatory law | Transportation enforcement | attorneys, lawyersCalifornia regulatory law | Transportation enforcement | attorneys, lawyers